Great deal on Ball canning jars

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Everyone loves a good deal, and that includes me. We can never have enough canning jars! They can be used for canning, crafts and regular storage. Below you can find the link for a great deal on Amazon. Ball Jar Mouth Pint Jars with Lids and Bands, Regular, Set of 12


Today’s freebies for Kindle

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These are today’s Kindles Steals and Deals. They are courtesy of ImperfectlyHappy. Be sure to check her out as she is amazing! Be sure to verify the price before checkout. Prices may change at any time, and may no longer be free!  



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    When I joined BzzAgent, there was an option to start a MyPoints account. When your a BzzAgent, you complete short surveys that in turn are used to match you up with campaigns. Many of these surveys reward you with “MyPoints.” This was the first time I had ever heard of MyPoints, and I […]


The Dos And Don’ts Of Composting

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  Why Compost? Finished compost is a free soil amendment and fertilizer for the garden. It is mild and won’t burn plants like chemical fertilizers. By adding compost you’ll improve the overall texture of your soil enabling it to retain and drain water better. Choose a Compost Bin There are many ready made compost bins […]


DIY 3 bin compost bin

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Successful organic gardeners rely on compost to improve soil fertility and moisture management, nourish helpful microbes, and inoculate against destructive ones. This three-bin system is acompost factory that efficiently pumps out heaps of finished black gold in weeks, rather than the months you would typically wait during a more hands-off approach. Made from rot-resistant cedar, our […]


Why turn your back?

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It’s truly heartbreaking that we have so many homeless individuals and families in our country and worldwide. They’ve always had a spot in my heart. I always ask myself, why do people ignore them? Most people turn their backs to them like they don’t exist. Why? I don’t understand. How can we help them? You […]


Blueberry Tom Collins

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I’m currently a subscriber to Diabetic Living. I became a subscriber because my father in law is a diabetic, and I love making him goodies. He is the sweetest man! He is everything I ever wanted in my own father. 💗 I came across this recipe while browsing the magazine. It is mighty tasty!   Blueberry […]


Brioche Bread

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My absolute favorite bread of all time has to be Brioche. The dough is very versatile. It make a great French toast, cinnamon roll, dinner roll, loaf, Danish or anything else you can think of. Now, I’m no professional Baker. But I like to think I can bake up a great bread. The following recipe […]


The buzz on BzzAgent

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  Have you ever thought about becoming a product tester? I’m not talking about becoming a guinea pig; testing products that are still being developed. I’m talking about products like Burt’s Bees skincare, Shick razors, Ready made meals… All kinds of products!  I don’t know of too many legit companies out there that does this. […]