Straw Bale Gardening

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When it comes to thrifty, versatile ways to garden, it’s hard to beat a straw bale garden. It’s inexpensive (usually well under $10), you can put it wherever you want (no soil required), and it’ll eventually turn into compost – so what is your garden this year can feed your garden next year. How’s that […]


The Dos And Don’ts Of Composting

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  Why Compost? Finished compost is a free soil amendment and fertilizer for the garden. It is mild and won’t burn plants like chemical fertilizers. By adding compost you’ll improve the overall texture of your soil enabling it to retain and drain water better. Choose a Compost Bin There are many ready made compost bins […]


DIY 3 bin compost bin

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Successful organic gardeners rely on compost to improve soil fertility and moisture management, nourish helpful microbes, and inoculate against destructive ones. This three-bin system is acompost factory that efficiently pumps out heaps of finished black gold in weeks, rather than the months you would typically wait during a more hands-off approach. Made from rot-resistant cedar, our […]